@ Soccer

And if the birds are chirping
does that mean it’s summer?
Well, it could be spring.
But if the flowers are bluming, you know what
season it is. In yellow grass
a brown snake slithers to the shade,
heading for a slow, sleepy lounge out of the
sun. Eagles watch from above
in a hollowed old oak tree. Ivy crawls up
his spine-very leathal company.
And with the passing of
the day
and of my state of mind,
love comes calling me awake and opens my
eyes wide. I can see now seasons shift like
clockwork without a tock.
Rather, windy winds whistle a timely tune.
Trust in nature’s way
and time will come to you.
In the flow of daily living a rhythem makes
its way into my heart
on through my body,
tapping on my brain, and I can hear it.
Then I can feel it
and you do feel the same.