Forgotten Tree

Fire killed my family.
Burned them down
right to the ground.
Fire killed twenty-seven of my siblings
but it didn’t kill me.
I was not selected.
Here I stand still and quiet. No whistpering
around. There are no trees. There’s just me
and I am not fallen.
I can barely breath.
I am not fallen
I am a forgotten tree.
The air I breath is
cold and thick. When my roots
drink up Earth’s water,
in my blood
I begin to feel sick.
in my veins
I begin to feel ill.
I could be here for ten more winters
or I could be here for one more day.
You never know just when it’s comingwind,
chainsaw, fire or age.
I am old to those around me.
Half of them will see next spring.
I am ancient to the animals below me
who come and go and eat and chase.
I’ll be a ghost until I die.
I am a forgotten tree.