Over the fence

If you want change then just stand still
Don’t walk away or take the pill
And if you love me like you say you do
You’ll stay right here and see this through
You say if I jump the fence I might fall down
I say I’ll risk a bruise to get off this ground
This shady ground of hunger and death
This shaky ground of pretending friends
This bloody place is bleeding my soul
I can’t make out what’s right or wrong
Confuzed in the head when I open my eyes
Dizzier and deader as the day goes by
I can’t stay here day after day
Month after month and drink after drink
So it’s over the fence to see what the
neighbours are doing
Just to see if the grass needs mowing
I push the fence down and I’ll plant some
seeds of wildflowers and cedar trees
And they wont grow-they never do
but at least I try, I try for you.
I try for us because we are dying
Just like everyone else on this side of happy
Oh but I come back to our side of the fence
And here’s already growing the seeds from my
So pick me opium poppies and come inside
Pick me marijuana and we’ll get high
We’ll get so high we can’t see the fence
And forget the fall back down to this mess