There’s a shadow on the Earth shhhhh
I think it is the Sun
casting this dark space on my home.
I can see the end of it
in Spain and Japan and
in the middle of the ocean
the fish can swim in and out as they please.
I can’t walk so far
I can’t take the car
So what can I do to get out?
What can I do to escape
this blanket on my life?
I can’t move the Sun
I can’t move the Earth
Get me out of here!
Come and pick me up in
a spaceship and we’ll
escape the sun’s curse
I can ride with you
out of this place and
into the light where I
Come pick me up
I’ll go along with you
into the light to live a
long life
together you and I
Come pick me up-let’s ride high
Oh there’s a shadow
thrown on my life
beam me up
let’s fly away from Earth
and start a new life
away from here, away
from this
Come pick me up in
a spaceship and we’ll escape, we’ll escape...
I think it’s the Sun