The Power of Love

Set us up like runway dolls,
Push us over like dominoes
Watch the kingdoms tumble
Civilization after civilization
We got war in the jungle.

We got war in the Jungle,
We've got war in outer space.
All this killing and fighting in
The name of human race is

Robbing us of our natural right
to live in love and peace.
Every soldier, beggar, mother,
Every orphan's on their knees.

They are on their knees and praying
For someone to save them please, but
Sacrifices all the world wide
have not appeased the beast.

And I'm standing here to tell you that
Peace starts with you and me.
Raise your hands up if you know this-
Rise up and sing with me:

Let go your sword,
Open your heart,
Become vulnerable.
Listen to me, if you want power
The power of love lasts forever.
Let go your sword-you'll be admired
for ending the war.

So put down your sword and join us,
Raise your hands and join our chorus.
Now open your heart and feel the power of love
Grow stronger with every beat.