Wait for Sun

I’m just waiting for the right time to come
out into the spotlight.
It should be a warm sunny day.
I’ll stay in until then. I’ll wait for
the sun to come out and then I will follow
in it’s footsteps to eternity-or close as well.
Moon can’t take me where I’m headed.
To much reflection blinds my eyes.
I’ll just wait until the sun comes out to shine
a spot onto my life.
Dark Moon won’t lead me to where I’m going.
Eyes wide open I can see all the tricks.
I’ll just wait for the sun to take me where I’m
going. Sweat it out. Have some fun. Chill out
till then. Just sit and wait
Making the big plans, changing approaches,
trying out
speaches infront of the mirror.
No light in here
Moon can’t take me where I want to go-too
much reflection
makes a distortion-leads to rejection.
I’ll wait for Sun to light the way.
Melt the fears and start my Day.